Wi-Fi Solution For Hotels and Resorts

How many times have you kicked back at a hotel only to find the Wi-Fi is barely trickling through; or worse still… limited to the lobby? So why is your hotel the same? Poor Wi-Fi can be one of the most frustrating things we come across on a day-to-day basis, and more often than not it has a huge impact on our customers’ satisfaction.

The truth is, poor connectivity doesn’t just impact guests, it impacts the hotel itself. Ask yourself, can your hotel truly afford to operate without internet connectivity even just for one day? How much would it cost you? That’s why having reliable Wi-Fi isn’t just a luxury, it’s a necessity in your hotel.

Nowadays hotel guests don’t just arrive with one smartphone to do their online browsing; they bring a plethora of laptops and tablets in order to enhance the online experience whilst they’re away from home. This can cause huge problems for you and your guests. With hundreds of devices trying to connect to your hotel Wi-Fi network at the same time you could be risking reduced internet speeds. The increasing demand and expectations for faster and stable internet connectivity doesn’t help, meaning our guests’ satisfaction can be greatly reduced by any kind of internet trouble.

As per the recent study, 63% of business travelers globally check the availability of Wi-Fi services prior to booking a hotel, while 24% assume a hotel has internet. If majority of travelers are making hotel bookings based on Wi-Fi availability, providing them with such a service will ensure more customer loyalty. The aim of the hospitality industry is always to offer best-in-class services for the guests visiting the hotel. Hotel wifi service is a basic amenity in the guest’s check list. Hotels are in need of comprehensive wifi hotspot software that manages high speed internet access for guests, allows fair distribution of bandwidth, pre-integrated system with hotel PMS integration, and unified hotel internet billing system, to offer smooth internet services to guest for meetings, conferences, seminars, events, etc.

Hotel Hotspot Software, Internet Access Control, Bandwidth Management and Customizable Login Solution

WiFiZONE offers the most comprehensive and unified hotel internet billing solution as well as hotel bandwidth management solution for single and chain of hotels. WiFiZONE has been designed and developed specially for the hospitality with features like access control, bandwidth management, guest management, internet billing, service management etc.WiFiZONE is smart enough to restrict unauthenticated traffic from accessing the internal network, and allow only authenticated traffic to surf the internet.

  • -Complete User Life Cycle Management
    -Account ID based User Credentials
    -Demographic Field Option
    -Create|Activate|Suspend|Renew|Archive Users
    -User Management Based Reports
    -User My Account

  • Inbuilt RADIUS Server
    -PAP/CHAP support
    -Offers inbuilt Database
    -Login through client exe/web-based
    -Based on username and password
    -Based on MAC and IP address
    -Re-Authorization Functionality
    -On hours, days, data transfer

  • -Time|Quota Based Billing
    -Peak & Off-peak Billing
    -Pulse Based Rating
    -Pre-paid and Post-paid Billing

  • -Create Customizable Login Pages – HTTP Enabled
    -Device Based Login Pages – Mobile/Laptop
    -Location Based Captive Portal
    -Integrated with Social Media
    -User Self Registration
    -Promotions and Branding options

  • -Seamless Roaming (Wired to Wireless)
    -IP Pool Management
    -Login Once
    -Zero Configuration
    -DHCP and DNS
    -Console & Secured Access (SSH)
    -Diagnostic Tools
    -Basic Firewall System
    -Data backup and restore
    -Network Management Options

  • -Branding & Customizable Coupon Templates
    -Create Package & Zone wise Coupons
    -Facilitates Online Coupon Purchase
    -Instant coupon generation in printable formats
    -System generated username & passwords
    -Pin Aging – Coupons with expiry date

  • -Committed and Burstable Bandwidth
    -Individual and Shared Bandwidth Quota
    -Bandwidth Scheduling & Fair Usage Policy
    -Restrict Users Based on Data and Bandwidth

  • -Prepaid & Postpaid packages
    -Create Hourly and Day based plans
    -Registration & Renewal packages
    -Facility to Carry-Forward Quota
    -Facilitates Topup for prepaid plans

  • -Role Based Multiple Level Administration (ACL) For Admin GUI & Console
    -Change Password Options
    -Multi-functionality Dashboard Facility
    -Ease of admin interface
    -Quick configuration options

  • -Rich look and feel of admin GUI
    -Multi-lingual GUI option
    -Frequently used options
    -Demographic Field Option
    -Comprehensive Dashboard Format
    -Easy Control & Configuration Options